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    Mail.Yahoo to reset and re-issue inactive IDs starting mid-July

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    Mail.Yahoo to reset and re-issue inactive IDs starting mid-July

    Post by tipstir on Thu Jun 13, 2013 5:48 pm

    Everyone if you haven't use your mail.yahoo.com in months best to you head over to your account an send yourself a mail to your account you use, otherwise say goodbye to your yahoo.com account.

    Starting July 15, any Yahoo ID that has been inactive for over a year will be reset and made available once again. This will give newcomers as well as seasoned Yahoo veterans the opportunity to stake a claim at a refined username.

    If you don’t want your existing Yahoo ID to be reset, Yahoo suggests that you simply log into any Yahoo product before July 15 – it’s that easy.

    Yahoo.com started in 1994, I joined them in 1995 so yes it's been a long service with them. I just popped in and updated my info and sent myself a message from mail.yahoo.com to mail.gmail.com just to keep it active.



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