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    DV400WB 160DPI WM2.1_105 + Market + MAP + Streets + Host Ad Block


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    DV400WB 160DPI WM2.1_105 + Market + MAP + Streets + Host Ad Block

    Post by tipstir on Mon Sep 24, 2012 1:11 am

    Android Tablet ROM Service $8 each

    Your getting OS 1.6 ROM rom the features OS 2.3.4  Coding along with OS 3.x too. Browsing on the WEB and downloading apps off Market speeds are quicker[

    Key Feature Points in D 1.6 DV400W 160dpi
    Default is now 160dpi
    Added Volume Max and Mic NR
    Added Updated HOST Ad Block as of 9/11
    Tweaked Performance
    WMT HoneyComb Launcher with Apps / Home Graphics
    Translucent Docker (can watch your Wallpaper through it)
    Fonts Are Clear and sized according to your DPI settings
    Less Memory Usage means more for you to use..
    Full Rotation PORT & LAND
    Added Google Database to Help Install Apps that didn't install prior under Market also gives Market Hit Ratio of 99.8%

    Donut OS 1.6
    WMT2.1_105 Prior Build
    WMT8505+ 400MHz (533MHz)
    256MB RAM
    2GB NAND
    Green Power
    Red Charge
    No Green Ports
    Gome Generic Tablet (Flytouch1, Maylong M-150 A10, A11, A12 and Generic EPad)
    24 or 30pin Slot



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